Initial state

Allnex Management GmbH started a project to update its corporate presentation design in collaboration with a design agency. Daria Samonova, Team Leader for Corporate Communications at allnex, with her previous positive experience with PrimeSoft, contributed significantly to the selection of the PrimeSoft "Brandic solution", which was used for the implementation of the new design in PowerPoint.



Thanks to the automatic conversion of existing presentations into the new design using the PrimeSoft "Brandic solution", allnex was significantly relieved of the administrative part of its transformation process.

The solution extends PowerPoint with additional functions, including the integration of diagrams and tables, which ensure compliance with the corporate design.

Overall, the PrimeSoft template software enriches the conventional PowerPoint with essential functions that enable the efficient and simple creation of presentations for all company employees.

The good cooperation with Daria Samonova enabled PrimeSoft to understand the specific needs of allnex precisely and to respond with suitable solutions.

With the planned introduction of the PrimeSoft template software in March 2024, allnex is taking an important step towards further professionalizing its external presentation, which will contribute significantly to strengthening trust among stakeholders.


Benefits of the solution for the customer


Licenses in use


Automatic slide conversion

  • Smooth transfer of previous presentations to the new design thanks to automatic slide conversion.
  • Implementation of customized corporate galleries to ensure a uniform and effective design of the presentations.
  • Integration of galleries with corporate imagery, icons and sample slides as well as slide sets that contribute to the harmonization of the visual appearance.
  • Ensure continuously updated content by continuously synchronizing the galleries with a shared drive.
  • Significant time savings for employees thanks to simplified creation and management of company presentations in PowerPoint.
  • Ensuring a consistent and high-quality document design that effectively represents the professional CI/CD.

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