Consistency in brand appearance

With just one click, ensure consistent brand appearance across all Microsoft 365 documents. Within all departments your employees will automatically use the correct corporate design elements such as logos, diagrams, colors, and fonts, all of which are directly integrated into primedocs template-software. This ensures that your marketing guidelines are always followed and eliminates the need for time-consuming formatting of company documents.

With primedocs, you can say goodbye to problems like diluted branding or an inconsistent brand appearance. Instead, you can rely on 100% corporate design, achieving a consistent and professional presentation across all Microsoft 365 documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams without any extra effort.

„The functionality of primedocs far exceeds that of our previous tool, making it quick and easy to create new templates or allow our power users to update them independently.“

Alex Bieler

IT ­Manager,
at the Municipality Baar

Alex Bieler

Maximized administrative efficiency and cost reduction

Companies frequently waste a significant amount of time attempting to identify and correctly implement the appropriate corporate document templates and guidelines. This process can be time-consuming and problematic, as well as waste valuable resources and money.

Primedocs eliminates the costly and time-consuming chaos of templates, allowing your employees to refocus on their core tasks. The clever template software improves, automates, and speeds up a variety of processes associated with working with Microsoft 365 documents. Your employees can quickly create professional corporate documents of the highest quality, which also provide greater legal certainty due to practical features such as standardized text modules, which significantly reduce the risk of erroneous content.

This is not only efficient, but also budget-friendly.

Highly professional, attractive, trustworthy brand identity

The way your company communicates and presents itself to the outside world can make or break your reputation. If your Microsoft 365 documents lack consistency and quality, it can erode trust in your brand and leave customers questioning your competence. This can result in lost opportunities and revenue. You can use primedocs to ensure that all of your corporate documents are professional, consistent, and effective in engaging your target audience.

With the primedocs template software, you can count on a professional external presentation that works for all your Microsoft 365 documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. You can produce perfect, lovely, and corporate design compatible papers with just a few clicks. By doing this, you successfully develop a high level of consistency, quality, and trust in your interactions with clients, stakeholders, and partners.


100% user friendly

It takes a lot of effort and can be quite filled with mistakes to manually change outdated documents and templates. Additionally, the appropriate requirements inside the organization must be observed first. Do you recognize the issue when, after a long search, you finally locate the appropriate document template but are unsure if it is the most recent version? This can be extremely irritating and frustrating.

Save yourself the time and effort of modifying business requirements in your Microsoft 365 papers manually. You automatically have access to all the most most recent regulations with the useful primedocs template software. In your paper, primedocs effectively points out the parts that require modification. It is simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface and seamless interaction with the Microsoft 365 interface of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams. You can work in your familiar Microsoft 365 environment with the knowledge that everything is in the place it belongs.

Reduced, minimal IT-support efforts

The management of Microsoft 365 templates typically falls within the responsibility of IT managers and IT departments. The high number of complex templates and the rising number of requests for help from coworkers about document generation place a significant pressure on IT. Since the development of papers as well as the maintenance and administration of templates are out of control, there is frequently not enough time in IT or other departments to handle the actual main duties.

Thanks to the program's user-friendly interface, primedocs not only helps you use fewer templates overall but also lowers your need for IT support. Primedocs is used directly by your users through the Microsoft 365 user interface. Your staff will then engage in an activity inside with which they have become familiar to.

At the click of a button, you may update templates; primedocs handles everything else automatically. Of course, depending on your unique IT preferences, we provide you with a variety of current, highly secure operating models (e.g. on prem, customer cloud, SaaS).