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primedocs features
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With its seamless integration into Microsoft 365, primedocs fits perfectly into your daily routine, allowing you to work smoothly and efficiently.


100% CI/CD and highest efficiency for your Microsoft Word documents

primedocs enables you and your staff to reach the highest levels of consistency and productivity when creating Microsoft Word documents.

Significantly reduce the number of Word templates by unifying and consolidating layouts to make it easier than ever to build and maintain a consistent corporate identity.

Your benefits at a glance:

How to convince target groups with your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Create inspiring and professional presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint in no time with primedocs. Bring your corporate design to life with primedocs' visual element management power!

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Use Microsoft Outlook as your marketing­ tool

Are you primarily communicating with your internal and external target groups via email? Take advantage of the thousands of email traffic by conveying your brand and marketing message in a top professional and sustainable manner.

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Communicate your brand values even in Microsoft Excel

When you create reports and statistics, Microsoft Excel comes into play: a table here and a diagram there summarize your data effectively. primedocs makes sure that you automatically stay on brand even here.

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