Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) is driving forward the digital transformation of its business processes. The implementation of the PrimeSoft template software Brandic, which offers functions for the Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Outlook modules that are specially tailored to BLKB's needs, is making a contribution to this.

The aim of the project is to optimize the handling of existing document templates, to increase efficiency in the use of documents and to ensure a company-wide application of the brand in line with the corporate design.



In future, BLKB employees will be able to create professional Microsoft Office documents in line with corporate design in a minimum of time. This is made possible by the Brandic template solution for a total of 1,000 users with individual features in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

A special requirement from BLKB is also to be able to use an embedded, standardized and guideline-compliant Outlook signature and the user data to be used for this from a Word module.

As part of the project, PrimeSoft is converting over 2,000 existing PowerPoint slides in order to relieve BLKB of the administrative transformation.

The handling of the project was facilitated by the close cooperation between the BLKB project manager Adrian Leu and PrimeSoft.

This cooperation enabled PrimeSoft to quickly understand the specific requirements and respond with a targeted solution strategy.

Following the successful implementation of the Brandic template solution, PrimeSoft conducts targeted training courses to enable BLKB employees to use the application in accordance with its functions.

With the implementation of the Brandic template solution, template management was successfully centralized and automated, ensuring that documents automatically comply with the specified guidelines and corporate design throughout the company.

Benefits of the new template solution for BLKB




existing PowerPoint slides converted

  • Customized functions for PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
  • Significant time savings in layout design for users
  • Consistent documents in accordance with company guidelines across the entire company
  • Centralized template management and straightforward application of design guidelines
  • Strengthening BLKB's brand and brand control
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