OBT, a leading company for consulting services for companies, is now relying on primedocs template software from PrimeSoft. This decision marks a significant step towards increasing the efficiency of OBT's document management processes. With the implementation of primedocs for the Word, PowerPoint and Outlook modules, OBT is replacing a competitor solution that has been in place for some time and paving the way for highly optimized document management.

primedocs ensures a corporate design-compliant appearance for all Microsoft documents - automatically, without any tedious formatting. Employees across all departments automatically use the correct corporate design elements, such as logos, diagrams, colors or fonts, as these are stored directly in the primedocs template software. primedocs also impresses with maximum administrative productivity, as document creation and management processes are simplified, automated and accelerated.


OBT's selection of primedocs underlines the software's ability to meet complex document creation and management requirements. This is particularly true in an environment that is characterized by a large number of documents and templates as well as the requirement for different corporate designs of the various subsidiaries.

The project has already started implementation, with project completion planned for around the end of June 2024. From then on, OBT employees will be able to access the innovative primedocs template software directly from their familiar Microsoft 365 environment and benefit from the many added values in document creation.

In addition, a potential long-term partnership between OBT and PrimeSoft for consulting and sales of primedocs to OBT customers is being considered. This will also enable OBT customers to achieve a strong efficiency advantage in their document management.

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Turn your documents into your company's business card with primedocs

With primedocs, you can transform any text or presentation into a precise version of your corporate design. Save time and ensure brand consistency with automated templates accessible directly from your Microsoft 365 environment.

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