Initial state

The city of Rorschach was faced with the need to optimize the existing template management. Too many Microsoft document templates were circulating, which made it difficult for IT to administer the templates and, above all, was very time-consuming. Also, a lot of time fell by the wayside to create documents for communication with citizens in a professional and, above all, correct look.

„It is very easy to create new templates or text modules, which are then available in various Office applications. This makes daily work easier without a lot of training.“

Richard Falk

Municipal clerk, City of Rorschach

Richard Falk_Stadt Rorschach
Stadt Rorschach


The city of Rorschach now relies on a template software system from PrimeSoft. Thanks to the new template solution for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, employees benefit from a wide range of simplifications in communication processes with citizens, as professional and high-quality documents are now created within a very short time.

Because all fonts, colors and styles are automatically stored correctly in the primedocs predecessor model OneOffixx, users can create letters, notices or protocols with the correct logos, formatting and corporate design elements with just a few clicks. In this way, the city of Rorschach not only saves valuable time and reduces sources of error when creating documents, but also benefits from a highly professional external presentation. Text modules are included in both Outlook and Word and, last but not least, make it easier for employees to create text passages.

With the PrimeSoft template software, users have flexible access to exactly those templates that are relevant to their daily work routines, depending on their authorization. With the new system, there is no longer a confusing avalanche of templates, as the number of document templates in use is reduced by 70%. This is not only more efficient and reduces maintenance costs, but also ensures better clarity. Users always work with the current specifications in the program in the familiar Microsoft Office environment, which makes the new template software easy and intuitive to use and employees can find their way around the system very quickly.

There are also interfaces to Axioma and Tutorialis, which enable smooth data transmission. Any changes to the CI/CD can be transferred to all templates in real time with just a few mouse clicks. Old PowerPoint slides can also be quickly adapted to the new standards in this way.  Overall, the city of Rorschach achieves a much higher output with better quality, while the IT department is noticeably relieved. Thanks to the reduced number of templates and ease of use of the system, significantly less support is needed, so that IT staff can now focus more on their main tasks instead of complex template changes.

Benefits of the solution for the customer


Licenses in use


Template reduction

  • Significantly fewer document templates
  • Relieving the burden on IT, as less maintenance effort
  • Ease of use
  • Interfaces to external programs
  • 100% guarantee of CI/CD across all Microsoft documents
  • Changes to the CI/CD at the click of a mouse
  • Simplified communication processes
  • Higher output with fast professional document creation without errors

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