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The public utility and waste disposal company Stadtwerk Winterthur ensures the comfort of its customers.

With a wide range of documents being generated across the divisions, it is essential to implement a solution that is able to keep pace with the increasing volume of documents.


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Stadtwerk Winterthur is now using primedocs template software, which includes the Microsoft Word and Outlook modules. The introduction replaces template software that has been in use for several years and aims to ensure a consistent appearance throughout the company and to simplify, automate and speed up processes in dealing with Microsoft documents. And always in the corporate design required.

Manually adapting old documents and templates is not only time-consuming, but also carries the risk of mistakes. With the help of primedocs template software, employees can quickly create professional documents that are 100% in line with the company's corporate design. In addition, the software liberates employees from time-consuming formatting tasks and the time-consuming search for the most recent document templates. Fully automated document creation processes can also be enabled through integration with business applications.

The use of template software has improved efficiency, combined with cost savings in document creation and processing. For Stadtwerk Winterthur, this means an optimized use of resources as well as faster processing and faster creation of documents.

In addition, primedocs enables standardized sender signatures for e-mails with Microsoft Outlook that are displayed in accordance with guidelines. The attachment of temporary information, e.g. on important energy topics, can also be controlled effortlessly and centrally.

The project has already started and will be launched in the productive working environment in 2024.




Simplify, automate and improve the handling of Microsoft documents

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