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Tips for adapting PowerPoint presentations effectively during a corporate design relaunch

A significant change in the way your company looks has been made with the corporate design relaunch. It supports in improving the identity and offers clients or other presentation recipients a more modern day and appealing experience.

As the person responsible for such a project, you face various challenges:


Time pressure

The time frame can often be very tight, you have to ensure that everything is completed on time without compromising quality.


Budget constraints

Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the project is completed on time, within budget, and with the desired outcomes.


Ensure consistency

The new corporate design must be applied consistently across every area of brand communication.


Technical implementation

When the new design needs to be implemented consistently across various applications and media, technical challenges appear.


What is the current situation in your company?

Are you planning a corporate design adaptation in your company in the near future or are you already in the middle of the project?

In addition to a strategic approach, the successful implementation of a corporate design relaunch demands the use of template software, particularly when there are numerous templates. Manual implementation can take a very long time and cause delays in implementation.

Finding an efficient approach that helps speed up the adaptation of the corporate design is essential in light of this. Companies can reduce the amount of time needed for implementation and speed it up by implementing template management with primedocs.


PowerPoint must be used when changing the CI/CD.

Microsoft PowerPoint must be able to quickly switch all existing templates and presentations over to the new design in order to ensure a seamless corporate design relaunch.

In addition, the following typical requirements are required:

  • Different layouts and slide types
  • Define color palette
  • New fonts
  • New logo
  • New display elements
  • Format change
  • Access control
  • Easy template customization
  • Automation


Why should you use primedocs for a corporate design relaunch in PowerPoint?

With primedocs you can manage the corporate design elements such as predefined slides, logos, diagrams, colors, fonts, image galleries in one central location.

This allows you to create inspiring and professional presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint in no time at all, which correspond 100% to the corporate design at all times.

primedocs supports the automated conversion of slides into the newly defined corporate design with its clever functions "Check Slide" and "Convert Design".


  • Central management of corporate design settings (predefined slides, logos, diagrams, colors, fonts, image galleries, etc.)
  • Efficient creation of presentations via parameters
  • Corporate Design Check: Third-party or non-compliant PowerPoint slides can be quickly adapted to your CI/CD at the click of a mouse
  • Authorization concept: You determine who can use which PowerPoint templates


How to include a foreign slide in the PowerPoint presentation?

No problem! You can quickly and easily adapt non-compliant slides to your CI/CD with the help of primedocs' conversion features, practically with a mouse click.

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Advantages of the primedocs PowerPoint functions


Thanks to the primedocs template software, your employees use the right corporate design elements across all departments, such as logos, diagrams, colors and fonts. These are stored directly in the software so that the marketing guidelines are automatically adhered to. This eliminates the time-consuming and complex formatting of company documents.

With primedocs, problems such as an inconsistent brand presence are a thing of the past. Instead, you benefit from a consistent corporate design in all your Microsoft 365 documents - whether they are in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Teams. You can present yourself consistently and professionally, which raises the value of your corporate brand, without exerting any additional effort


Success Story Corporate Design Relaunch

The Swiss KOCH Group AG successfully carried out an extensive corporate design relaunch with the help of PrimeSoft's template software.

Faced with the enormous workload of over 100 self-created templates, the company made the decision to use PrimeSoft template software while drastically reducing the number of Microsoft Office templates.

The new corporate design could literally be adopted at the push of a button, and the result showed a significantly increased efficiency and consistency in the entire brand communication.


„The new CI/CD was perfect right from the start. All our requirements were met or even exceeded. Our CIO has rarely been as impressed by software as he is by OneOffixx (predecessor solution of primedocs). The training was also professional and our employees are very happy to work with the program. The fact that spontaneous additions – such as the creation of greeting cards or project plans – were developed at no additional cost was an additional plus.“

Michael Döbeli

Head of Safety Technology and Member of the Executive Board, KOCH Group AG

Michael Döbeli


You can read more about KOCH Group AG's use of the PrimeSoft template software under the reference story KOCH Group AG.


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You benefit an essential advantage during a corporate design relaunch thanks to the integration of primedocs. Additionally, with just a few clicks, you and your staff can produce flawless, beautiful, and corporate design-compliant documents. This indicates that you can rely on an external presentation that is expertly made to work with all of your Microsoft 365 documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

When you interact with clients, partners, and stakeholders, your brand will be presented consistently, with a high level of quality and reliability. In the long run, this improves the effectiveness of your corporate communications and strengthening your brand's reputation.


No more complex and time-consuming PowerPoint formatting

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