Primedocs, a cutting-edge template software, now provides an interface to ChatGPT, staying true to its tagline "the better way to create documents."

With the help of the primedocs AI function, users can use artificial intelligence (AI) to directly research particular subjects in Microsoft Word, to come up with suggestions for questions to ask, or to translate or expand text passages automatically.

The text generated by the artificial intelligence (AI) is automatically inserted at the desired position in Microsoft Word. This eliminates the need for uncomfortable manual copying, pasting and formatting of the text, while ensuring compliance with the predefined CI/CD guidelines.


How it works

How does it all work? Very easy and user-friendly!

  1. Start Microsoft Word Online and use the primedocs AI function.
  2. You can either research a desired topic or ask a question directly.
  3. The interface will immediately provide you with an artificial intelligence(AI)-based answer, which will be inserted directly into the previously marked place in the Word document.

The best part is that the inserted text is automatically formatted in the desired and predefined corporate identity / corporate design. This saves you time and ensures that your documents are displayed consistently. The creation of documents is simple with primedocs and adds value.


An additional interesting thing to note is that the primedocs AI feature has the ability to enhance existing text in Microsoft Word. All you have to do is mark the desired Word text section and give the artificial intelligence (AI) the desired instruction for text expansion in the corresponding field.


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