primedocs is the new version of the well-known PrimeSoft template solutions OneOffixx and Brandic, which have been established in the market for years.

primedocs combines the tried and tested functions of the predecessor products OneOffixx and Brandic and their concentrated strengths and provide many additional innovative functions - true to the motto: primedocs template software: the better way to create documents.


Why was this new version developed?

Consolidating the various experiences of OneOffixx and Brandic on the latest technology stack and thus optimizing the user experience and achieving the highest security standards.

primedocs supports the dynamic development of the world of work and the associated increasing demands for online-capable work tools.


What remains the same

Existing customers of OneOffixx and Brandic will quickly feel at home and familiar in primedocs, as many tried and tested functions are still available.

If you like: a renovation and extension of the previous template solutions.

In the context of Microsoft 365 document creation, primedocs, like the predecessor technologies OneOffixx and Brandic, significantly improves efficiency and maximizes administrative productivity for our customers. Of course, fully compliant with CI/CD.


What has changed?

  • primedocs is based on the latest technology stack
  • All further developments such as new functions only take place on the primedocs version
  • In contrast to the tried-and-tested solutions from OneOffixx and Brandic, primedocs is also fully compatible with the Microsoft online world
  • Numerous new functions such as the integration of AI
  • The primedocs web application also allows template-based work for Mac and Android devices
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
  • Improved performance and security
  • Modern and user-friendly user interface (UI)


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For which Microsoft modules can primedocs be used?

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook


primedocs can be used either via the classic local Microsoft Office applications (also called desktop version), via Microsoft Online or even in combined form. In addition, primedocs can also be integrated into Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


How can I update from OneOffixx to primedocs?

The OneOffixx templates are fully compatible with primedocs. This seamless integration allows for a smooth transition as part of an update equivalent to a new release of OneOffixx. All of OneOffixx's tried-and-tested features remain available in primedocs. 

Scenario purchased OneOffixx licenses

If you have an active Software Assurance contract, your purchased OneOffixx licenses are also valid for the corresponding primedocs modules and you can upgrade your licenses free of charge.

Scenario OneOffixx rental or SaaS

We will be happy to charge you the annual rental or SaaS fees when you switch to primedocs.

PrimeSoft offers comprehensive support for all scenarios. If you switch to primedocs, you are entitled to use primedocs pro for use via the local Microsoft Office version as well as optionally primedocs basic for use via Microsoft Online. If you decide to use the optional variant for the use of your templates in the Microsoft online environment, your existing OneOffixx templates will have to be adapted to web conformity for a fee. Please note that regardless of the template updates to web conformity, the update project itself is associated with a small, fee-based coordination and transition effort. Of course, we offer you these costs in advance for the sake of your transparency.

For a price estimate on your primedocs update, please complete the form below or send an email to support@primedocs.io or.


How can I update from Brandic to primedocs?

Scenario Brandic rental or SaaS

We will be happy to charge you the annual rental or SaaS fees when you switch to primedocs.

For a price estimate on your primedocs update, please complete the form below or send an email to support@primedocs.io or.


Are OneOffixx and Brandic no longer supported?


Currently, there is no specific deadline for when old OneOffixx versions will no longer be supported. However, since all new developments only take place on primedocs, we recommend that you switch as soon as possible.


The existing Brandic installations will continue to be supported. However, since primedocs comes up trumps with many strong additional features, especially web conformity, a switch could also be worthwhile for you. 


Further questions

Do you have any further questions or uncertainties? We would be happy to advise you personally on a update from OneOffixx or Brandic to primedocs.

To do this, fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.




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