A recently published german study of 2,131 municipalities surveyed sheds light on the progress of digital transformation in public administration.  

These key findings from the study show the challenges faced by municipalities: 

  • Almost 90% of municipalities have insufficient human resources for the digital transformation.
  • Digitization of internal work tools offers great opportunities to increase efficiency.
  • There is a particular need for the digitalization of documents, administrative processes, internal collaboration and digital workplaces.
  • In view of the high personnel costs in Switzerland, digital transformation is essential for municipalities in order to increase efficiency and create attractive jobs.  


This means that many Swiss municipalities will still be facing major challenges in the digital transformation in 2024. 

But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities.  


Image: Survey of 2,131 municipalities on digitalization, source: https://mynigmeind.ch/de/umfrage-2024/

This is where PrimeSoft comes in.

The company behind primedocs template software has extensive experience and expertise in implementing productivity software in the public sector.

The in-house primedocs template software can massively simplify the administrative process.

The primedocs template software has already helped numerous cantons, cities and municipalities to modernize their document processes and make them more efficient. Further advantages can be found at Why primedocs


Image: selected primedocs reference customers in the public sector

These three case studies show real-life examples of how primedocs has directly influenced the digital transformation of municipalities: 



The City of Zug uses the template software for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Updating templates in just a few clicks and the integration of KLIBnet make day-to-day work much easier for employees. By using text modules, the number of templates has been reduced many times over, which greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance of the IT applications. 

Link to the detailed story.


Stadtwerke Winterthur uses primedocs template software to ensure a uniform appearance and simplify processes. The software makes it possible to create documents efficiently and in the corporate design, which reduces the amount of formatting required. Automated processes and interfaces to specialist applications increase efficiency and save costs. 

Link to the detailed story.


          Logo Stadt Rorschach

The town of Rorschach uses PrimeSoft's template software for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, which makes document creation in administration much easier and reduces errors. All templates are automatically formatted correctly and are easily accessible. This improves communication with citizens and saves valuable time.

Link to the detailed story.


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