primedocs template software: The better way to create documents.

Working with Microsoft 365 documents has never been easier: With primedocs, you can save effort  and costs across the board.
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Creating CI/CD compliant Microsoft documents has never been easier

With primedocs
  • employees automatically apply the correct corporate design elements when creating company documents.
  • you can create professional letters, presentations, statistics, and other corporate documents with minimal effort.
  • you will improve productivity and save significant costs.

Improved productivity & efficiency across the board

primedocs strengthens your brands, streamlines the creation of your Microsoft 365 documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook - and boosts their quality in terms of both content and CI/CD compliance.

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primedocs boosts your daily business routine

Discover primedocs' range of time-saving features!

Your staff can use primedocs directly within their familiar Microsoft 365 environment,easing the transition to primedocs and keeping things straightforward.

Learn more about how our template software can significantly simplify daily business routines.

  • Allnex Management GmbH: Updating the presentation design

    Allnex Management GmbH started a project to update its corporate presentation design in collaboration with a design agency.

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„By leveraging text modules, we were able to significantly decrease the number of templates, simplifying the operation and maintenance of the application.“

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Head of projects and applications,
City of Zug

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