Template software joint project with Talus

The municipality of Steffisburg shares its success story with the introduction of the template software OneOffixx (previous version of the primedocs template software) in the most recent issue of Talus' customer magazine.

The municipality of Steffisburg can easily and quickly create a variety of documents professionally while always upholding the organization's corporate identity thanks to the primedocs template software.

The PrimeSoft template software provides all required interfaces to the applications of the municipality of Steffisburg and can be seamlessly integrated into the system landscape. A lot of data is automatically transferred through integration with applications like innosolvcity or CMI, which saves employees lots of time.

Read the entire article (only in German) beginning on page 20 of the Talus Customer Magazine to learn more about the advantages that the PrimeSoft Template Software can have when handling official duties.


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