How did you work before using the primedocs template software?

We recently started using primedocs Outlook for the mail footer with centrally controlled and CI/CD-compliant signatures and marketing measures (advertising banners/information campaigns). Previously, these had to be stored individually for each user, which resulted in differences or marketing campaigns not being updated on time.


What problems have you been able to solve with primedocs?

With primedocs, we were able to standardize our mail fuss (sender signatures) and control marketing campaigns centrally. This not only saves us time, but also ensures consistency. We can now manage campaigns centrally both in terms of time and target groups.


Where did you start looking for a solution to this problem?

Our search began on the web.


Which argument in favor of primedocs was the decisive factor in your decision?

The solution is simply designed and can be expanded to other Office products as required. Another important point was that primedocs can also run on-premises if required, so that our mail routing is not affected, as is the case with other solutions.



„The implementation was timely and uncomplicated.“

Simon Keller

Managing director and owner



What advantages have you achieved by using primedocs?

Campaigns can now be managed centrally and are also more attractively designed. This improves our presence while reducing the time required. 


What is the most important reason for you to recommend our product?

The ease of use of primedocs is a major advantage. After the initial setup, further administration can easily be carried out internally, even by a small team. primedocs guarantees that our corporate design is consistently applied throughout our corporate communications.

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