Initial state

The administration of the city of Zug with its departments, departments, offices and specialist offices is the central point of contact for numerous public services. An old template software for Microsoft Office had already been in operation for about 10 years. In connection with the introduction of a new corporate design, the city of Zug took advantage of the situation to replace the existing template management with a new system that meets the increased requirements. The choice fell on the primedocs predecessor model OneOffixx. 

„By using text modules, we were able to reduce the number of templates many times over, which makes the operation and maintenance of the application much easier. What also speaks for the PrimeSoft template software is the smoothly functioning support as well as the excellent dynamics on a human level in the course of our cooperation so far.“

Fabian Häfliger

Team Leader Projects and Applications, City of Zug

Fabian Häfliger Stadt Zug
Stadt Zug


The city of Zug has effectively utilized OneOffixx, the forerunner to primedocs, for its Microsoft applications such as Word and Outlook. The transition from the previous system to this new template software has provided the city administration with a superior software solution that not only functions more efficiently but also offers exceptional support services.

The new template software impresses with its up-to-dateness thanks to regular software updates. In addition, the complete integration of KLIBnet – a software specially designed for official matters – makes the daily work agenda easier for the employees of the city administration. The authorities also benefit from the fact that all templates are available in both German and English, whereby the language selection can be easily adjusted with a click.

The new template solution for Word and Outlook also scores points in terms of stability and technical design of the system. Thanks to practical text modules, the number of necessary templates is significantly reduced and templates can be updated quickly with just a few clicks. This reduces the maintenance effort for the templates, while at the same time increasing usability: The PrimeSoft template software has a high level of user-friendliness, thanks to which users can quickly find their way around the new program.

Benefits of the solution for the customer


Licenses in use


template reduction

  • Fewer templates due to text modules
  • Reduced maintenance effort for templates
  • Intuitive usability
  • Easy updating of templates with just a few clicks
  • Multilingual templates
  • Interface to external software
  • Regular and automatic software updates
  • Comprehensive support service
  • More stability and better technical execution

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